This book is available in Paperback and is intended for ages 12 and up.
The Crown Prince
Time Together, Time Well Spent
Journey to Jazzland
Late larva
This book intended for readers  6-11.
This book is on sale for $0.99!
Charlotte The Space Train
Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys
The Snorkel Bottom Wrinkle Puff
A-Z Poetry: Fruits and Veggies

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What is Our E-Books?


We ARE a promotional site for Young Adult and Children’s Authors and an Educational Site for young readers.

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Why is there a fee?

We charge this fee for creating your quiz, adding your book to our site, and promoting your book in our contests and events. But this is a One-Time Fee. After purchasing your book from where ever it is sold, readers will be allowed to test on your books, earn points and win prizes such as gift cards to buy more books. We will ask that you provide ten higher level comprehension questions to your book and mark the correct answer in a separate form that we will send to you.


What age group does my book need to be targeted towards?

This site is recommended for ages 3-17. While we understand that some middle grade books may contain some undesirable words, we must ensure that your book is age appropriate. Please let us know if you believe your book contains any content that may be deemed inappropriate for young readers.


How to request to have your books added to the site?


To request that your book be added to our site:

1. Fill out the Author Order Form. Don’t Forget to add Promo Code at bottom of form if it applies.

2. All authors must create a ten question quiz for each book submitted using our template.

3. Once a quiz has been created for your book and added to the site, your book is complete and you will not need to do anything else.



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  1. Our E-Book Members will purchase your book from wherever it is sold.
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