This book is available in Paperback and is intended for ages 12 and up.
The Crown Prince
Time Together, Time Well Spent
Journey to Jazzland
Late larva
This book intended for readers  6-11.
This book is on sale for $0.99!
Charlotte The Space Train
Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys
The Snorkel Bottom Wrinkle Puff
A-Z Poetry: Fruits and Veggies

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Authors that will be featured will be…


Featured Author Kaelah Mickelle  

Featured Author Rocky Grede        

Featured Author Elisabeth Lynton

Featured Author Christiana Wittmaack

Featured Author Josh Prigge


These Authors are entered in our Weekly Reader’s Challenge and all Quiz takers will receive double the points and extra bonus points for leaving a review.


**Parents please help your child in the review process. This would be a great time to discuss books read with your child and increase a love for reading! Have them point out certain parts of the story that they liked and why they liked it. Have them use the vocabulary with you. This helps all readers increase their use of new vocabulary, which is very important to your child’s success in school


*Points vary based on score. Quiz may be taken only twice and we will take the higher of the two quizzes! All Winners will be notified by email of their winnings!

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