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The Crown Prince
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The Crown Prince

Book 1: The Crown Prince (The Kid Emperor of Occultoria)  by Jason Chan

A kid discovers he’s the Emperor of the Supernatural World!


12 year-old Max has never felt like he belonged at school or in his family. But one day, he is whisked away to a supernatural world where he discovers the very features that make him unique help him survive and even to claim his birthright as the Emperor of Occultoria, the government of the Supernatural World.


With his wits, some magical abilities and some friends to assist him, Max must reunite all the rebellious parts of the strife-ridden Occultorian Empire to restore the balance of and keep the peace between the Natural and Supernatural Worlds.


His first task is to force the Queen of Purgatorio into submission. As Max steps into the eerie land of wailing ghosts, he discovers that part of growing up means being courageous and confident – even when he doesn’t feel it.


An inspirational story of growing up, belonging and believing in yourself, Book 1: The Crown Prince is the first in a children’s coming-of-age series that combines elements of mystery, adventure, fantasy, thrillers, romance, magic, enchantment and the supernatural.

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