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The Last Human by Rocky Grede


In a future ravaged world, where mankind have all but erased themselves from  existence, three Vampire Cities exist across the desolate ruins of a once  thriving earth.


Humans are believed to be extinct, and Jake is widely  rumoured to be the last.


When he was five years old, Jake’s parents were  brutally murdered by a horde of savage Vampires. Before they could reach him,  Lexus, a Vampire leader, intervened and rescued Jake. To secure Jake’s safety  and future, Lexus adopted Jake as his son.


Fast forward ten years, and  Jake now lives in the Vampire City Artico. He struggles to fit in and faces  constant intimidation from various personalities, who see and regard him as  nothing more than a mere disposable human. After a close brush with death, Jake  finds Lexus has left on a mysterious errand, leaving Gregory, one of his inner  circle council members, in his place to run the city.


A new Vampire  arrives at the school Jake attends, and a outside threat presents itself soon  after, placing Jake in vital danger, and he finds himself fighting for his life.


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The Last Human by: Rocky Grede

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