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The Snorkel Bottom Wrinkle Puff
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The Snorkel Bottom Wrinkle Puff

The Snorkel Bottom Wrinkle Puff by Elisabeth Lynton


Derek wanted to turn seven, but with no matching socks and a room that looks like
the night after a pirate party, it didn’t look promising. After seeing flowers
growing from his sock draw and overhearing a conversation about parents murdering
children for untidy rooms he knew he was done for. Derek, along with his best
friend Jack, set out to find the culprit and prove it was not his fault, only to
find more trouble. With his  birthday less than a week away and the promise from
his parents that he won’t reach it if his room is not tidy, he needs to find the
solution and fast.


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The Snorkel Bottom Wrinkle Puff Quiz


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